Creative Ideas for Showcasing Imagery on Your Site

Depending on your business or organization, making imagery a focal point of your website can make a considerable impact on its overall look and feel. It is important to explore the options with your graphic artist and consider the purpose that images on your site have in order to determine how to best showcase them.

When used right, vivid photography and images have the ability to add value and depth to your brand and can help support your message. Below are some creative ideas for using imagery in your website’s design:


Considered one of the most popular outlets for showcasing images, a slideshow on your website’s homepage and/or interior pages can be a great way to showcase content in a convenient and organized manner. Slideshows, especially with image sliding capability, are recognized by almost anyone who uses the Internet and are therefore highly usable.

Scrolling Images

When used in the right context, scrolling images can be ideal for presenting many images in a quick manner. Scrolling images on a site can be used for logos, products, company awards, etc. Due to the fact they are often dynamically driven to scroll automatically on a page, they tend to be a successful way to attract attention.

Flash-Based Design

Flash technology provides one of the most creative outlets for showcasing imagery. Using Flash components on a site can be an effective means to entertain, build loyalty, and provide a more engaging online experience.


Often underutilized, website headers can be prime real estate for images. Given a header’s position at the very top of a website’s page, consider using headers to feature banners, advertisements, or other such imagery.

Collage/Scrapbook Style

A unique and creative approach to showcasing imagery involves displaying it in a scrapbook or collage style. This style can be used for various purposes and is often developed to be an interactive and fun tool for site visitors.


Large images, whether photography, illustrations, or even video, can be used as a part of a website’s background. This type of use can often make a bold statement and can immediately evoke a particular impression about a brand or organization.

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  1. It is true that slideshows are the perfect ways to express your opinion. And if your slideshow has pictures and graphs, then it will be a perfect outlet for making people understand the concept that you want to show. The more info a slide show has, the better it will be for people to understand it.

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