Microsoft Convergence 2011: Strategizing How to Connect Solutions

Last week a few of’s staff ventured to Atlanta, GA, for the annual Microsoft Convergence Conference. Since it was our first year attending and exhibiting (with VLC Solutions LLC) we were excited to see who would be in attendance and what kind of trends we would take away.

The recap of the show can be summed up in a few words: Great Connections, Valuable Information. The exhibit hall was packed for most of the time with various companies and industries all roaming the show floor to explore the vendors who could help improve upon their Microsoft Dynamics solution through useful add-on products, supplemental business services, or various integration opportunities to increase efficiency.

Throughout the conference (sessions and exhibit floor) there seemed to be a recurring theme for most industries in attendance: End-to-End solutions or in other words the ability to connect multiple solutions easily, specifically an effective website interface, ERP and/or CRM. Integrating information across multiple applications and user touch points can create powerful discoveries within your business by increasing efficiency and access points across all users – internally and externally. All the while potentially evolving the course of how you conduct your business for the better.

As the conference wrapped up, closing keynote speaker, Malcom Gladwell, staff writer for The New Yorker and best-selling author presented a very interesting perspective on the role technology plays in our business and personal lives.  He pointed out that technology is vital in decision making, however  we should not lose our own perspective or thought just because technology surrounds us. Rather he challenged everyone to utilize technology more as a way to bring information together and only then make decisions and logical thoughts from the information we are able to analyze.

It was a great reminder that as humans HOW we use technology and HOW we connect solutions together is extremely important. We have a great ability as humans to logically assess how to best leverage technology to meet specific business goals, but the human thought must play a keen role in doing so.

This thought in the closing session really drove home the fact that the human element cannot be forgotten when expanding the Microsoft Dynamics product to make the most impact for your company.  When looking for technology to supplement or complete your end-to-end solution, sit down and give some thought to what you want from the end result. This will help you leverage available technologies in the most effective ways possible.

Hopefully everyone else that attended the conference came out with as many thoughts as we did. Leave us a comment and let us know what you took away from the conference. See you in 2012 in Houston, TX!


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